Sushi machines - automatic sushi machines
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Sushi machines – products presentation


Rice sheet sushi machines can produce a large quantity of evenly ricesheets which your employees can expertly roll into Maki. With a capacity of 720-900 sheets per hour it produces a ricesheet every 5 seconds!

Maki sushi machines are the ideal machine for producing all types of Maki sushi. Together with a Nigiri machines and Maki sushi cutters you can make all varieties. They are all are easy to place on workbenches . Choice of 5 cassettes to fold Maki rolls in different sizes.


Nigiri sushi machine produce firm balls of rice that are perfect for Nigiri Sushi; place the fish topping on top of the ball of rice and the Sushi is ready. These balls of rice are also perfect for Gunkan Sushi.

  • Automatic stop function with sensor
  • Size and density of the rice balls adjustable
  • Compact model with rice reservoir
  • Teflon coated parts
  • Easy to clean


A mechanical cutting machine for cutting Maki rolls in one go. Multiple Maki rolls can be placed at once. Suitable for all varieties of Maki.

  • Beautifully cut uniform pieces
  • Cutters available for 6 (3cm), 8 (2,25-2,5 cm), 9 (2-2,2 cm), 10 (1,8-2 cm) or 12 (1,6-1,8 cm) pieces per roll
  • Cutters easily interchangeable and provided with a protective cover
  • Platform for rolls with Teflon non-stick layer


Replace work intensive manual rice washing with just one press of the button. Independently wash up to 6 kg of rice in 2 minutes.

  • Quantity of rice adjustable in steps up to 6 kg
  • Quantity of water automatically controlled
  • Simple to serve up with the click of a button


A professional rice cooking unit; two or three tiers placed on top of each other. The best solution for producing large quantities.

  • Suitable for preparing 15 kg of dry rice
  • Manufactured in stainless steel
  • Short cooking time


This sushi machine independently mixes up to 6 kg of cooked rice in 4 minutes. During this mixing process the rice is also cooled and dried to produce perfect Japanese Sushi rice.

  • Start production with just one click of the button
  • Easy loading and unloading of the rice
  • 9 different adjustable settings

Sushi machines makes it possible.